About Sarah Beth Jones

Hi! Sarah Beth Jones, the NoBS Biz Coach here! Thanks for wanting to learn more about me!

If you want to know stuff like my work and educational history, click on through to my resume-ish for a narrative version or to my LinkedIn profile for a more buttoned-up look.

If you want to just kinda get to know me, read on!

Well, since you already know I coach, write & speak, how’d you like to know that…

I’m a geek for:

shiny new ideas

that spark in people’s eyes when they realize how awesome they are

local food & the hardworking folks who produce it

reading & writing

Apples to Apples & Cards Against Humanity




and love stories of every make and model.

This song always gets me bopping:


This song always chills my spine and makes me cry (in a good way):

And this video always inspires me:

I guess that’s a pretty good start!

Give me a holler if you want to know more, or give my resume-ish or buttoned-up LinkedIn profile a read!

Thanks again for stopping by!