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What I Learned from a Miscommunication & Iggy Azalia

By on Feb 6, 2017 in Blog, Personal Development |

L’chaim is Hebrew for “to life” – it’s what many of us Jewish folks say when we toast. For years, though, one friend heard it as “Look who I am!” Not a bad affirmation in and of itself! That joyful proclamation of self came up for me again recently when I heard rapper Iggy Azalia say, “Iggy is!” on a track. Yeah, Iggy – you be you! And you be you, too, friend!

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The Manicure that Changed My Whole Perspective of Myself

By on Jan 2, 2017 in Blog, Personal Development |

A month ago, I was spending time with one of my closest friends and some of her family. Her mom wanted to take the gals for manicures. Me? Though my toes still have the chipped evidence of summer polish, I don’t paint my nails.   It wasn’t just that I never painted my nails – I was actively opposed to it. I was bothered by how quickly the...

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