NoBS Biz & Empowerment Coaching for Individuals

Coaching is an alchemical process in which a wildly common element – conversation – is turned into something precious: life-changing growth.

In one-on-one NoBS Biz & Empowerment coaching, you are are the expert. I’m the megaphone that helps you hear your inner wisdom. You’re the ship and I’m the extra bit of wind in your sails. You’re Willy Wonka and I’m the Oompa Loompas.

You get the picture.

Whether you’re striving to start or build a business, excel in your job, or make it to the finish line of a challenging creative endeavor, coaching can help you more forward with greater confidence, a faster pace, and the tools for wiser decision making and problem solving.


What is NoBS Biz & Empowerment Coaching?

NoBS Biz & Empowerment Coaching is like a really great grilled cheese sandwich. On the outside, it seems really simple. Bread, cheese, butter, heat. But only when the bread, cheese and butter are in just the right proportions and the heat is applied just right – not too hot, not too cool – do we get the crispy, gooey, fatty goodness that is a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

In NoBS Biz Coaching, the harmony happens in the connection between the coach and the client, one that creates a safe, trusting space where the exploration of self and possibility can happen. In coaching, the gooey perfection comes from the right balance of cheerleading, challenging, accountability and action. And instead of a crispy, golden crust, we get super-strength jet fuel to rocket us toward  achieved dreams, completed projects, and days that are filled with a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

I did this nifty interview with Lynise Anderson of The Healing Tree back in 2014.


Because coaching has to suit you, your schedule, and your goals, I offer a variety of options for engagement including:


  • One-off Brainstorming Meetings Lasting 60-90 minutes, these sessions are a chance to check in with your own wisdom, shake out your ideas and get an informed outsider’s perspective on your endeavors – $185
  • 2 Meetings/Month For those who want an ongoing relationship with your coach yet have daunting schedules – $350/month
  • 3 Meetings/Month For those who are looking for more of a jet-pack approach to coaching, 3 sessions per month offer a whole lot of fire with some downtime for processing – $495/month
  • Weekly Meetings We’re talking serious accountability, super-charged movement and a whole lot of coaching goodness – $620

Every monthly package includes unlimited follow-ups by email and text to keep the goodness generated by the meetings in the forefront.

Ask me about coaching for duos and groups, too!