Sarah’s coaching gave me an opportunity have someone from outside my business take a look inside. Initially I thought her not being involved in my business would be a detriment but it was not.  Sarah’s unique style has a way of getting to the heart of the matter.  She was always prepared. She helped me to set week to week goals and this truly did help me manage my business. I would highly recommend her services.

Lew Thompson in an insurance agent in Roanoke, VA, with nearly 30 years of experience


I have had an idea for an eCourse swimming in my head for over two years. I am certain that my work with Sarah Beth was the catalyst I needed to get it out of my head, and onto the internet. I just launched the course with overwhelming success–I even had to close registration a week early! Having SBJ there to check-in with as I got stuck and afraid is what helped me keep moving. Accountability is key when creating from scratch. She gives me that. - Hari Berzins

I started a list of why NoBS rocks; I’m on my second roll of TP. - Karl Berzins

Karl and Hari Berzins collaborate on creating a mindful and debt-free life for their family, and share the expertise they’ve gained throughout their journey at www.tinyhousefamily.com.


I really enjoy the questions Sarah Beth poses that enable me to truly reflect on the emotions I am feeling towards the challenges in my life. By thinking through the why of what I am feeling, I can better find a solution to put myself where I really want to be. She also provides a fresh, third-party, unbiased perspective on my challenges that can lead me to break-throughs I would have never found myself.

Jackie Pontious is Artist & Designer at Conscious CreativeWorks.


Sarah is a professional. She takes her job seriously and is passionate about helping others achieve their professional goals. But beyond enthusiasm, she’s smart, dedicated to continuous self-education, and knowledgeable about what it takes to launch and grow micro-businesses.

Jessica Jones is the Founder & Artist at Burnt Creative Studio and Markets.

Sarah’s bubbly, casual delivery style opens listener’s minds and hearts so wide they can’t believe how much they learned – just hanging out with Sarah Beth Jones.

Annette Simmons is a storytelling expert, speaker, consultant and author of the acclaimed book The Story Factor.


I attended Sarah Beth Jones’ class [The NoBS Guide to Freelance Writing] at the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference last month. She’s not only full of great ideas and information, but she’s entertaining, too! You don’t want to miss out on one of her workshops!

Jason Gallimore is the Marketing & Promotions Director at Chantilly Festival Farm in Floyd, VA


Just a quick thanks for your uplifting view of networking. It made a huge difference for me at the conference and beyond. Authenticity gives me freedom. Thank you.

Participant at SBJ’s Authentic Networking for Artisans session at the 2012 Artisan Center of Virginia Statewide Conference

I started using the NoBS Get Going Guide in December, 2013 and it has made a tremendously positive impact on both my professional and personal life! Using the Guide, I have been able to focus my goals and simplify the processes to achieve more in the past month than I had in the previous six months. The ideas are simple and easy to implement making it a fantastic guide for anyone to use.

It truly is No BS!

Terri Welch is The Wine Lady, hosting in-home wine parties and supporting budding entrepreneurs with Wine Shop at Home.